Quick Smoothie Tip of the Day

One of my favorite ways to bulk up and balance out my smoothies is to add spinach! Yes you heard me correctly :) For anyone who hates eating their vegetables, this is the perfect way to sneak in an extra daily serving without even noticing!

Just a warning: Your smoothie will turn green, but the good news is you can’t taste the spinach at all. Promise!


Fruit smoothies are one of my favorite things to make—they’re quick, easy, portable, and filled with healthy antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. My one complaint is that the high sugar/carb content (good sugars + carbs from fruit so don’t worry!) tends to leave me starving only an hour later.

By adding spinach, I’m getting the increased fiber and water-filled veggies to keep me feeling fuller longer, plus my smoothies are now SUPERCHARGED with Vitamin K, A, manganese, folate, iron, magnesium, Vitamin C, E, calcium…the list goes on and on.

Here’s one way to enjoy a green smoothie, but remember, you can get creative with any ingredients you like!!

Simply Savor Green Envy Smoothie




-lots of spinach (2-3 handfuls)

-1/2 skim milk

-1/2 cup plain nonfat yogurt

-1/2 banana

-12 cup blueberries

-2 packets Stevia (or sweetener of choice)

-Lots of ice

-Topped with plum slices

Combine ingredients in blender and enjoy!

Valuable Information

There are a lot of different professions and get the job done that folks do. There are actually those who are comfortably sheltered inside offices. Then of course there are actually those that perform outdoors. We’re not just saying outdoors the office but those who hit the streets and keep underneath the harsh weather. Functioning outside or doing work within the area is under no circumstances entertaining but not all lousy. You normally should cope with the atmosphere and not to mention field support management could be over the look out.

What to try and do any time you are operating out inside the field

One of the initial things that you simply should really do will be to dress to the part. You will discover some organizations that present uniforms suited to the regions in which their field workers are. Even so if no this kind of matter is issued then make sure to decorate appropriately for your climate and event.

If you happen to be permitted then you definitely need to deliver some water that will be used for consuming. Staying underneath the hot sun is usually risky and it dehydrates you. In case the spot is too cold then maybe no have to have for water or at the least something which you deliver.

Make confident also that you do the workforce management software when essential. When you are thrown inside the discipline that signifies that you've got your competencies suited for that situation.

Only a handful of factors to take into account

If you will get all of a sudden thrown to the discipline then be certain that you just will not be suffering from any conditions that maybe worsen as a result of natural environment and really do not just get it done as an excuse.

In some circumstances some area workers have some down time. They possibly inside the discipline but they are not doing lots of operate because they aren’t necessary. If that's the case then remain comfortably someplace although waiting for your following assignment.

Doing work out from the field could be tiring but just know the tricks and you’ll be fine.


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